Life as Angie

"She was like a black rose, such beauty in sadness"-S.M Pastore

To My Little Brother💞

From the moment I knew that you were to be born, I was happiest little 3 year old. Knowing I was going to have a baby cousin, someone who could play with me and grow up along side me...let's just... Continue Reading →


Make Up💄

            I've always found the application of make up to be extremely beautiful. Also the fact that there is no wrong or right way of doing make up. It reminds me of art, because art... Continue Reading →

Feelings Are Stupid❌

I am a very emotional person but I like hiding those emotions with barriers. I know I have issues that I need to resolve. Ever since I can remember I've always been afraid to share/express my feelings. As a kid... Continue Reading →

Music 🎶 and Life

My music taste varies so much. I can go from loving really hip catchy pop songs to some really intense raps. And lately I've felt that my music taste as varied and changed into loving a more relaxed, soft, dark... Continue Reading →

Not Part of the Family🎭

So all my life I've been an outsider, even when it comes to dealing with my own family.  Here's some background. Since birth I was cursed with having split parents, meaning that my life would be even more complicated. My... Continue Reading →

The Election

Who are you voting for?  I don't like talking about politics cause it usually starts up heated debates. Well to be frankly honest, this election is a JOKE. Both candidates aren't fit to run office, they are both equally corrupt. ... Continue Reading →

“And Where’s Your Boyfriend?”🙅🏻

Most people people find it hard to believe that someone my age has never had a boyfriend, or has ever gone on a date. Well that's me, and I sometimes feel attacked and judged for being single. The worse part... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Best Friend 👯💔

Early this year I found out through an Instagram post that my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. So many thoughts started to run through my head such as, "Why didn't she tell me?", "What type of cancer does she have?",... Continue Reading →

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