I’m sure that everyone has had a crush at some point in their life, well I have rarely had any growing up, which many people found a bit odd…so I just started saying I had crushes when I really didn’t. Don’t get me wrong though, I did and still do find a lot of guys super attractive (I do have 👀 ). I just seem to have a soft spot for dorky/funny guys. 

I see crushes as something that involved more that an initial attraction. Crushes hurt because sometimes a person’s feelings aren’t reciprocated back. My own personal definition of a crush would be to like a person who has no clue, to get nervous whenever you see or know you’ll see him/her, to get butterflies whenever he/she smiles at you, but know that all those feelings don’t mean anything to that person. Crushes are called crushes because if they don’t lead to a relationship, they are meant to hurt. 

I haven’t had a crush in about 6 years I think, and I totally forgot how much they sucked. I currently have a crush on this guy…let’s call him James. I met James this semester in one of my elective classes, thus far he makes my Thursday evenings much more enjoyable. He pretty incredible, except for the detail that  he has a girlfriend and he seems to be very much in love with her…yikes😣. 

So I never purposely sought out to like the kid nor was I looking for any distractions in class, it sort of just happened? I mean it’s not like I ever possibly had a chance with James, he’s very lean, adorable and has a kick ass personality; I’m the complete opposite. It’s been three weeks since he stabbed my heart with words, “One of these days, I was chilling with my girl”, my smile immediately dropped…I was crushed. Now I can’t help but think about how pretty, smart, funny, cute, etc his girlfriend is, and how in love they are. 

I’m going to end on why I ended up having a MASSIVE crush on James💕. For starters he’s a gentleman, like chivalry isn’t dead with this kid! He has held the door open for me, walked with me after class, and just helps me out. He has an amazing singing voice, he’s a goofball/dorky dude, his sense of style is ace, and that boy can hold a conversation. I can make this huge list that can go on and on, such like his smile😁, but I’ll stop there. 

Having a crush is a great yet tragic thing. I don’t know if I’ll ever find love. But I just hope that this crush won’t linger for much longer. 🙄

Stay Rad c: