Since I can’t seem to find a guy in person, I decided on giving dating apps a chance. The following apps that I’ve tried are: Tinder, Plenty of Fish, or OkCupid, and they just didn’t work out for me.

When signing up for an app, one has to know that people are going to be extremely shallow. Reason being that apps relying on people being physically attracted to each other due to the pictures being uploaded. Even if you don’t want to judge people based on look…it’s going to happen. And I already have an issue with this because I have self loathing issues, and I don’t need others amping that up.

Secondly, people on dating apps usually just want to hook up/have sex. I’m personally a virgin and I don’t want to give it up on a first date or with some random douchebag. I just want to make a connection with someone first…is that too much to ask?

Ultimately I end up flaking on meeting people. I get inside my head too much, and end up quitting/deleting dating apps. I fear guys will mock and judge me or in worst cases, that I will becoming a victim of some kidnapping or something along those lines. Of course, sometimes it’s just my head playing with me. But better safe than sorry!

I don’t know when I’ll finally be able to date someone. I don’t know when I’ll meet that person. In the meantime I just have to work on myself, learn how to love me, and learn what I love. It’s hard work, but I have to do it.

Stay rad,

Angie c: