I firmly believe that no year can ever truly be bad nor good. However, 2016 was one of the worst years that I have experienced in my whole life. 

My mom’s health was serverly jeopardized, she’s now doing better but her eye sight isn’t great. Due to her lack of eye sight, and health being so poor, she lost her job. I had to step up and pay rent, buy food, pay bills, etc…all with financial school aid and having a 4 hour week job. Regardless I am happy that somehow I’ve been making it, and I’m not homeless. 

In 2016 I’ve lost many loved ones, they’re dead now but they will always be remembered. The hardest death that I’ve had to cope with is the death of my best friend. Though I’ve lost some people who I held close to my heart, I have to remember that I’m not dead and I have people who depend on me. 

I’ve always suffered with depression and anxiety, and 2016 was the year that really made me face those issues. I’ve always had someone to help me, being a friend or a professional…but I found myself being alone. I slowly saw myself being sucked into a hole, and saw that no one noticed me slowly withering away. 

I don’t believe in new year resolutions, but I do want this war to be different. I am now stronger, and I don’t want to be held back by money, mental issues, or the past. I want to make new friends and be a better version of myself. 

Good riddance 2016, and hi 2017! 

Stay rad, 

Angie c: