From the moment I knew that you were to be born, I was happiest little 3 year old. Knowing I was going to have a baby cousin, someone who could play with me and grow up along side me…let’s just stay my little heart couldn’t handle the joy. Especially because up to that point I was the only surrounded by adults.

Once my aunt’s stomach started showing, I would kiss her tummy and take the time to talk to about all the stuff we were going to do once you got out. I always imagined you being a girl or at least I hoped you would, but that wasn’t the case. The moment you were born you brought so much joy the family, especially to me. From the moment I saw you, I knew that I already loved you so much.

Once you started walking and talking, all you did was bug me. Growing up we fought and argued, but we also played and had the best of times. As teenager, I started hanging out less and less with you because I saw you as an annoying little kid.

Now that you’re almost an adult, it scares me. I still see you as that little boy who was always glued at my side. Now you’re experiencing the world,  I don’t want you getting hurt or doing bad things. I want to shelter you, but I know I can’t cause you’re not that little boy who looks at me for guidance anymore.

You’re the closest thing to a sibling that I have. We’ve grown together, seen each other at our best and at our worst, we’ve argued and said cruel things to each other, but I wouldn’t change you for anyone else in the world. You’re my best friend, and know that I’ll always have your back. 

With love, 

Angie c: