I’ve always found the application of make up to be extremely beautiful. Also the fact that there is no wrong or right way of doing make up. It reminds me of art, because art has no boundaries and can be done in various ways- it just depends on the artist. 
As a kid I never really saw my mom wear make up, she had her hands fills with me and having to work long days. Whenever she did wear make up, it was always very minimal.

As a teenager I would spend hours watching make up tutorials on YouTube, and thought how magical it all seemed. Now and in adult I do wear make up and I really enjoy the process of putting it on. 

But there is a stigma that comes with make up, a negative one. People assume I don’t like my appearance or that I’m trying to alter it in some way. Well I just like enhancing my features, it does make me feel pretty but I don’t wear make up everyday-just in speacial occasions. 

Some of my favorite make up brands are Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Kay Von D, Too Faced, basically anything in Sephora hehe. Lipsticks are my guilty pleasure because everyone says I have really pretty lips, so I like bringing attention to them. I also really like making my eyes pop with eyes shadow, since I have really small eye. I rarely wear foundation-just when there’s an event where I know I’ll be taking pictures. 

I like to think of myself as an artist, and I like using different mediums to creat art. And I use make up in that manner. 

Do you like wearing make up? Let me know 😉

Stay Rad, 

Angie c: