Life as Angie

"She was like a black rose, such beauty in sadness"-S.M Pastore

A Boy Named M…

The first vivid crush I can recall was about a guy named M. He was my best friend, which says a lot, because all of the kids my babysitter took care us were technically my "best friends". I always thought... Continue Reading →



I'm sure that everyone has had a crush at some point in their life, well I have rarely had any growing up, which many people found a bit I just started saying I had crushes when I really didn't.... Continue Reading →

Big Girl Blues

All my life I have been overweight, it's something I can't seem to stray away from. As a kid I didn't really care about my body, especially since I had seen really big women be loved by men. As the years... Continue Reading →

Letting Go 😣

I like being in control, which explains why I don't like drinking or doing drugs. I feel that puts me in a vulnerable state, which gives me anxiety just to think about that. I've noticed that as the years pass... Continue Reading →

Why Dating Sites/Apps Don’t Work for ME!💔

Since I can't seem to find a guy in person, I decided on giving dating apps a chance. The following apps that I've tried are: Tinder, Plenty of Fish, or OkCupid, and they just didn't work out for me. When signing... Continue Reading →

My Children 🐶🐶

My children turned 4 years old yesterday! And my children I mean my two dogs...hehe.  My pups are my world🌎, I love them so much! Ever since I got them from my neighbors, 4 years world changed.  I depression... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017👋🏼

I firmly believe that no year can ever truly be bad nor good. However, 2016 was one of the worst years that I have experienced in my whole life.  My mom's health was serverly jeopardized, she's now doing better but... Continue Reading →

Am I Afraid of Attachment?

I sincerely think I have an issue with getting attached with guys. I don't know whether it's because I've been emotionally abused by some guys or because it's a personal issues.  I have insecurities...everyone does, but I think I'm past... Continue Reading →

My Flaws 🌓

So no one is perfect, right? So why does society constantly feed us ideas and images of what perfection is? I am far from perfect, but I can't help feel that I need to fix that. I've always known that... Continue Reading →

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